Beat a half cupful butter to a cream, adding
gradually one cupful sugar. When light beat in a little at a time, a
half cupful milk and a teaspoonful vanilla. Beat the whites of six eggs
to a stiff froth and sift a teaspoonful and a half with two cupfuls
flour. Add the sifted flour to the mixture. Then fold in the whipped
whites. Have three buttered layer cake tins ready and put two-thirds of
the mixture into two of them, into the third tin put the remainder of
the batter, having first added to it two tablespoons melted chocolate.
Bake the cakes in a rather quick oven for twenty minutes. Put a layer of
the white cake on a large plate and cover with white icing, on this lay
a dark layer and cover with more of the white icing. On this put the
third cake and cover with the chocolate icing. Put into a graniteware
pan one cupful and a half cupful water and cook gently until bubbles
begin to rise from bottom. Do not stir or shake while cooking. Take at
once from the stove and pour in a thin stream over the stiffly whipped
whites of two eggs. Beat it until thick, flavor with vanilla, and use
two-thirds of this for the white icing. Into the remainder put a
tablespoon and a half melted chocolate and a suspicion of cinnamon
extract, and frost the top and sides of the cake.



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