Chicken and Chicken Dressing Recipes


Having drawn and trussed the chicken put it between
some slices of bacon, take care to fasten the feet to the spit to keep
it together, baste it with its gravy, when well done through, serve with
cress round the dish, season with salt and vinegar. The chicken and
bacon should be covered with buttered paper, until five minutes of the
bird being done, then take off the paper, and finish the roasting by a
very bright fire.

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Dessert Recipes


CUSTARD.–Two quarts milk, six eggs, two tablespoons corn starch, one

cup sugar, a pinch salt, one tablespoon vanilla; add to this one quart

whipped cream, one pint each candied or preserved cherries, pineapple,

and strawberries. Let custard cool before adding cream and fruit.

Freeze as ice-cream.

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Dessert Recipes – COOKIE RECIPES – Cookies

Put a level teaspoon of soda in a measuring cup,
add three tablespoons of boiling water, one-quarter cup of melted butter
or lard, a saltspoon of salt, a level teaspoon of ginger, and enough
sifted pastry flour to make a dough as soft as can be handled.
small bits of dough, lay in the greased baking pan and press out half an
inch thick; bake carefully.


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Cake Recipes


PART I.–One cup brown sugar, three quarters of a cup butter, one-half

cup sour milk, two and one-half cups sifted flour, one level teaspoon

soda, yolks of three eggs, whites of two. Stir this together, and

then add–

PART II.–One cup brown sugar, one-half cup sweet milk, one cup grated

chocolate, put this on the stove, let it dissolve, and add while still

warm to Part I. Bake in two layers, and put icing between.

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Salad Recipes – Recipes for Salads


6 Eggs—6d.

1 Lettuce—1d.

1 bunch Watercress—1d.

Mayonnaise or Salad Dressing—4d.

1 Beetroot—1/2d.

Total Cost—1s. 0 1/2 d.

Put the eggs into boiling water and boil fifteen minutes. Plunge into cold water till quite cold, peel and cut into quarters. Wash and cleanse the watercress and lettuce and cut into pieces. Put a layer of this at the bottom of the bowl, then one of eggs dipped in the dressing, then another of lettuce and egg until all are used up, leaving plenty of lettuce for the top. Garnish with sprigs of watercress and slices of beetroot alternately.


Fish Recipes – Recipes For Fish


1 tin Sardines—6d.

1/2 oz. Mustard—1/2d.

Buttered Toast


Total Cost—71/2 d.

Time—5 Minutes

Make the mustard with vinegar instead of water, and stir into it some cayenne and salt. Rub the sardines over with this, and either fry them in a little dripping or grill them. Cut the toast into fingers, lay a sardine on each piece, and serve hot. Sardines are also very good dipped in French batter and fried and served with fried parsley.


Cookbook Recipes – Palace Grill Salad

Select three hearts of celery and cut them Julienne. Cut some pineapple
and pimentoes into dice. Mix all well together in a bowl and add
mayonnaise sauce and a little whipped cream. Sprinkle some finely
chopped green peppers on top and serve very cold.