Cooking Meats – Steak – Ham – Mutton and Other Meat


2 lbs. Fillet or Beef—10d.

1/2 lb. Suet—1d.

Salt and Pepper

Hot Fat

1/2 pint Milk—1d.

2 Eggs—2d.


Soda Biscuit

Total Cost—1s. 21/2 d.

Time—10 Minutes

Mince the lean of the meat very small with about a quarter of a pound of the suet which surrounds it; season with pepper, salt, and nutmeg. Make a little boiled custard by recipe given elsewhere, pour it over the biscuit, which must be made into fine crumbs, then stir in the meat and let it get quite cold. Roll into small balls with a little flour. Put three ounces of dripping into a frying pan, and when very hot drop in the balls and fry a good colour; drain for a few minutes on kitchen paper, and dish in a circle. Serve hot.

Cabbage Soup


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