Cookbook Recipes – Clam Chowder

Take one quart of shelled sand clams, two large potatoes, two large
onions, one clove of garlic, one sweet pepper, one thick slice of salt
pork, one-half pound small oyster crackers, one-half glass sherry, one
tablespoonful Worcestershire sauce, one tomato, salt, and pepper. In a
large stewpan place the salt pork cut into small dice, and let this fry
slightly over a slow fire until the bottom of the stewpan is well
greased. Take this off the fire and put in a layer of potatoes sliced
thin, on top of the salt pork, then a layer of onions sliced thin, and a
layer of clams. Put on this salt and pepper and sprinkle with a little
flour and then a layer of crackers. Chop the sweet pepper and tomato
fine and mix with them the bruised and mashed garlic. On top of each
succession of layers put a little of the mixture. Continue making these
layers until all the ingredients are placed in the stewpan, and then
pour on the top sufficient water to just show. Cover tightly and let
ocook gently for half an hour. Pour on the Worcestershire sauce and
sherry just before serving. Do not stir this while cooking, and in order
to prevent its burning it should be cooked over an asbestos cover.

When done this should be thick enough to be eaten with a fork.

Easter Recipe


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