Chicken and Chicken Dressing Recipes


Cut a fowl into pieces to serve and cook in water to
cover until the bones will come out easily. Before taking them out drop
dumplings in, cover closely and cook ten minutes without lifting the
cover. The liquid should be boiling rapidly when the dough is put in and
kept boiling until the end. For the dumplings sift two cups of flour
twice with half a level teaspoon of salt and four level teaspoons of
baking powder. Mix with about seven-eighths cup of milk, turn out on a
well floured board and pat out half an inch thick. Cut into small cakes.
If this soft dough is put into the kettle in spoonfuls the time of
cooking must be doubled. The bones and meat will keep the dough from
settling into the liquid and becoming soggy. Arrange the meat in the
center with dumplings around the edge and a sprig of parsley between
each. Thicken the liquid and season with salt and pepper as needed and a
rounding tablespoon of butter.

Cake Recipes


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